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Vaccination vs. Immunization

Dear Patients and Friends,

The CDC is getting really angry. The percentage of  unvaccinated kids In the USA is growing in spite of the millions spent on propaganda.
And they refuse to do a study on health problems  comparing vaccinated vs unvaccinated because the result is known. Unvaccinated kids are healthier in every way, physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

The emergence of a new strain of measles found in vaccinated kids G.I. tracts with the MMR  vaccine is particularly appalling. It now appears that the MMR  vaccine has created a new form of measles completely different from that found occurring naturally.

More and more parents are refusing to vaccinate and the big money interests are very, very unhappy.

Pro vaccine medical industrialists, like Dr. Paul Offit, MD , refuse to publicly debate the topic because their is no scientific work on vaccines safety and efficacy, only rhetoric and fear mongering. It is perhaps the most damaging scam perpetrated on a gullible trusting public. The USA ranks 50th in the world for Infant mortality with autism at 1 in 40 and worsening every year.

Please pass this along to your friends and loved ones.
Dr Tim O’Shea’s book, Vaccination is Not Immunization is a fact based scientifically researched overview of this highly charged topic. Numerous respected medical experts have praised this report.

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