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The value of the flu

This is a recent post to a couple of my colleagues. I would like to share it with you.


Danny and Fred,
I think you will be interested in following her.
Dr . Seneff is a scientist from MIT. She discusses briefly the necessity of sulfur in the blood which the flu virus delivers. She’s quite brilliant and has a deep understanding of the biochemistry that keeps us healthy and the disruption of which causes illness. If you Google ” Sulfur in the body”and click on the Weston a Price foundation link you’ll find a detailed explanation of how sulfur deficiency contributes to heart disease and Alzheimer’s and various skin cancers. Bottom line is the  poor rap that cholesterol got caused a decrease in sulfur consumption and an increase in heart disease, Alzheimer’s etc. Sulfur is found in meat and eggs and fish and garlic and onions and green leafy vegetables. Unfortunately due to poor farming methods there is not much sulfur in the soil. If you analyze the health of Icelanders, there’s much less depression and heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease because of the volcanic ash which distributes sulfur into the soil. The same is true of some of the Asian countries like Japan who consume a lot of fish and therefore a lot of sulfur. It is now known that consuming high cholesterol foods does not increase blood serum cholesterol. In fact cholesterol is very necessary for the functioning of all of our cells.
So don’t be so sad if you get the flu. It’s the body’s way of delivering sulfur into the blood and getting rid of some of the toxins stored in the fat cells and some of the fat surrounding your internal organs. The video is only less than 2 minutes.

Fortunately the flu vaccine is ineffective in preventing the flu. The problem with the vaccine though is the adjuvants that are added to it such as mercury and aluminum which are known neurotoxins and do brain damage. It is the most award compensated adult vaccine as it can produce paralysis from the neck down known as Guillen barre syndrome.

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