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The Choice to Vaccinate

Dear Patients,

Your right to decide is being whittled away. The pharmaceutical and medical interests in America are fighting hard with lots of dollars to prevent you from having a choice. Now, with safety issues clearly on the table more parents are choosing to not vaccinate or are choosing to not give multiple vaccines at the same time. Many are asking”what preservatives are in the vaccine?”

These questions irritate the doctors or nurses and are” firing” patients.

The Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund has awarded $2 Billion for injury or death due to vaccines.

In this time of awakening to the abuse of  Big Pharma, Monsanto, etc people are stepping up and doing their own research and fighting back.

The National Vaccine Information Center is fighting for us and our kids.  Help out now, for all of us.

Many of my patients have chosen not to vaccinate at all. None have regretted it. Some kids have gotten the normal childhood illnesses and survived quite nicely. Most vaccinated kids have done ok however several have not.

You must do your own research independent of your own doctors opinion pro or con.

Dr. Steven Klayman

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