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New Patient Reviews:

Recoginzing Excellence!

Dr. Klayman!

My name is Rich May, a chiropractor in Hayden, Idaho. I just saw a patient of yours (Toni K.) for foot pain, but also did an overall assessment. I do a lot of very specific tests that ensure I get the problem solved. And Toni was AMAZING. No new patient has ever done this well. I kept asking her about you, “Clayman? With a C? No, K. Klayman. What’s the name of his clinic? Wow, he does great work. Wow, nobody passes that test!”

Anyway, it was a lot of fun and very rewarding personally for me to see excellent work done by a colleague. I do know enough to notice excellence, and I was very pleased to tell her how good you are.

Cheers! I’ll send everybody I know in Austin or who is traveling to Austin your direction.

-Dr. Rich May

Helping Allergies

I was skeptical of the treatments Dr. Klayman used as I had not experienced it before. Now, I know that it works as he cured my asthma and several allergies of which I was suffering, as well as the back pain that I had. I would recommend Dr. Klayman to anyone, especially those who suffer for allergies, back pain, asthma, stiffness, and spinal alignment. Dr. Klaymen is outstanding!

-Wyatt E.