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Obama care is coming

There has been a lot written about what will happen in January 2014 when The Affordable Health Care Act goes into effect. The reality is the consequences and results are unknown. Some say care will be more available, some say it will be too expensive. One thing is becoming clear to me. With 60% of bankruptcies related to medical expenses, the system is broken. The bottom line is this: It is too expensive to get sick. We spend the most on health care and rank 35th in overall wellness amongst the non third world nations. The fourth leading cause of death in America is iatrogenic disease. That is latin for doctor induced disease. It is a convenient way of hiding the truth about health care intrusiveness, over treatment, and drug dependency induced by a profit driven system.

When it comes to crisis intervention, like a broken leg from a fall, a bleeding wound, a heart attack or sudden life threatening allergic reaction, there is no better place than the ER.  However, if we dont change our lifestyle Obamacare will not save us. We are responsible for the health care decisions we make. Look to diet, healthy activities that decrease stress, exercise, yoga, meditation, walks in the park, lots of laughter, playing with the kids or animals, chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture as ways to avoid life threatening diseases and treatment.

Your is good health,

Dr. Steven Klayman


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