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Earthing or Grounding for Inflammation Relief

It was New Years Day and I was flying back to Austin. The man next to me started up a conversation. He asked what I did for work. I told him I was a chiropractor in South Austin. He said to me, “My chiropractor turned me on to the grounding sheets. Me and my wife sleep great and we feel terrific ever since we started using them.” I told him I had no idea what he was talking about. He explained the principle of grounding and how the sheets were grounded into the electrical outlet in the house and the ambient voltage you had in your body would then pass out into the ground. As a result you would have less inflammation in your body.

The Effects of Grounding

When I got back I bought some grounding sheets and some grounding mats for the computer. I also bought a volt meter and sure enough the research in the book he recommended proved true. As soon as a person touched the mat or the sheet when it was plugged in, the voltage in their body went to almost nothing. The research explained that the thermographic studies of heat and inflammation in the body went down when you are grounded.

Being grounded during sleep has helped some patients reduce inflammation.

Being grounded during sleep has helped some patients reduce inflammation.

I love the effects of being grounded during sleep. So do my patients.

Even my fibromyalgia patients are sleeping better, and they typically have very poor sleep. Men don’t get up to urinate in the night as often. The inflammation in the prostate is coming down. What a brilliant discovery. I recommend them to everybody, especially with all of the electrical devices in our homes and offices.

So Many Diseases Are Due to Inflammation

So many diseases are due to inflammation: cancer, prostatitis, pancreatitis, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, etc. Now there is a simple way to help fight them. No wonder the author of the book on grounding, Stephen Sinatra, MD has declared that in 30 years of practicing cardiology this may be the most important health discovery of his career. He explains how rubber soled shoes insulate us from the healing effects of the earth. We used to walk barefoot or with leather soles. We used to have earthen floors in our homes. Now we have carpet. This has insulated us from the negatively charged electrons that enter our bodies through the feet. He recommends walking in the grass as much as possible. Sit on your lawn chair in the grass or in the dirt.

Get grounded! They are for sale in my office. Call our South Austin chiropractic office today to learn more.

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