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I have recently added a machine called the Oligoscan.  It is an amazing piece of equipment that tests the body for heavy metals and minerals. It will show the tendency of the body to accumulate metals in the cells. It will also test the level of minerals in the cells which is unlike a blood test which shows you what’s going on in the body just at that moment in time. Or hair analysis which will show you just what is being excreted.

After performing several dozen of these tests it  has become obvious to me that everybody has excessive heavy metals in their body whether it be aluminum or mercury or arsenic or cadmium or lead etc. Then the question remains how do we get them out? We have a detoxification program, most of which you do at home.  It consists of supplements designed to draw out metals, or if the scan suggests you are low in sulfur we give a sulfur supplement to bind with the poisons in the liver so they can be excreted. Ionic foot baths and infrared saunas will also help. You might as will begin now because almost everybody is low in iodine and iodine is necessary to pull out mercury. If you’ve ever had an amalgam filling or had a vaccine you probably have elevated mercury levels. If you have used anti-perspirant deodorant or cooked with aluminum cookware or bake your potatoes in aluminum foil or ate food from aluminum cans you most certainly have elevated levels of aluminum. We know that aluminum is associated with Alzheimer’s disease and with autism. Let’s get this stuff out of your body. Schedule your scan today.

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