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Decreasing Joint Pain

As you know joint pain is a universal problem for virtually everyone at some point in their life. For some it is a daily reality. Joint pain from spinal misalignments can be handled in a chiropractors office most of the time. One of the results of building the Pelvic Balancer is allowing the patient to oftentimes do it themselves at home, or at least speeding up the maintenance of the proper position of the hips to alleviate back and sacroiliac joint pain. But what about inflammation not caused by spinal misalignments but rather due to abnormal wear and tear, stress, environmental pollutants, aging, sports activities and poor diet? The answer does not lie in long term usage of ibuprofen, aspirin, or acetaminophen.

A sedentary lifestyle, poor diet complicated by mineral deficient foods due to mass farming methods, and excessive stress has led to nutrient deficiencies such as omega 3 fats, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, vitamins C, D,K etc. These are the main instigators in joint health problems today. Psychological stress and environmental toxins play a major role in inflammatory responses in the body also and must be properly dealt with if physical suffering is going to be held in check.

A key ingredient in an intelligent anti inflammatory approach will be fish oils, specifically omega 3s. I recently found a product that I love to snack on when I  get that urge to “nosh”. It is a lime sorbet or mango tango flavored product that does not taste like fish oil. It is awesome and i enjoy snacking on it several times a day. I keep a bottle in the office for patients to try out. Everyone has been pleasantly surprised. If you have a fish oil in a capsule, and you are taking it, then keep on doing so. Omega 3s in combination with D and E is also excellent in preventing cardiovascular problems because heart disease is a disease of inflammation. The best source of vit D is the noonday sun but in winter a supplement is a good idea. Turmeric should be part of everybodies lifestyle, not just for joint pain, but for a host of prevention oriented diseases. Also ashwaganda and ginger are helpful for joint pain. Glucosamine is used by many and it may help but men should stay away from chondroitin as it is found in and around the prostate in prostate disease.

Earthing sheets and mats also take inflammation out of the body by grounding you to the earth. Dr. Stephen Sinatra wrote a fantastic book called Earthing. I usually have a loaner copy in the office. A 30 yr veteran cardiologist, Sinatra has seen fabulous changes in patients joint health and heart healt thru earthing. Ask me for a demonstration of how it works the next time you come in.

And finally all stress reduction activities(No. Beer and margaritas are not stress reducing activities) like yoga, walks in the park, meditation etc are highly encouraged. If you want instant results show up at 7pm on wed. nites in my office. We quiet down your mind and produce deep relaxation. Its free too.

i hope this helps.

Yours in good health,

Dr. Steven Klayman





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