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CEDAR FEVER | The Natural Breakthrough

It’s that time of year in Austin so many have learned to love and hate. Winter holidays, excitement, shopping for gifts, kids home from school, football, vacation, and – the dreaded cedar fever.From early to mid-December through the end of February, local mountain cedar – actually, a member of the juniper family – spreads pollen in the Austin area, creating waves of suffering.

Mountain Cedar Pollen is Unique

The toxic nature of mountain cedar pollen may lie in its chemical nature – a single, stable, glycoprotein, with low protein and high carbohydrate content. Most known pollen allergens are a mix of allergenic glycoproteins, with lower carbohydrate content. High carbohydrate content and high density make mountain cedar pollen unique in causing allergic rhinitis.

People try to deal with the maladies of cedar fever by staying indoors as much as possible, using air filtration systems, over the counter medications, frequent washing of hands, cleaning out sinuses with saline solutions and neti pots, and allergy shots. Some people have to leave the area for the season – or relocate completely.

Allergies are an imbalance in functional physiology:

  • The immune system decides to register the presence of cedar pollen as a foreign invader, like a virus or bacteria.
  • In its hyper-reactive state, it begins to produce cold symptoms – runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion, sneezing, headache, post-nasal drip.
  • The over reactive immune system must be “reminded” there’s nothing wrong with cedar pollen. When that happens, the person stops reacting and the system returns to balance.

The TBM Allergy Technique

A non-medicinal, natural solution to airborne allergen problems was discovered by the late Dr. Victor Frank and taught to practitioners interested in natural healing, within the confines of The Total Body Modification technique. It requires no herbs, pills, medicines or shots.

The TBM Allergy Technique places the allergen on the body and delivers a sequence of taps on various prescribed points along the spine with a handheld instrument, the activator, alerting the immune system not to react to the substance. Typically, within twenty-four hours, symptoms have decreased or been eliminated. Two or three treatments are usually needed throughout the allergy season – some patients need only one. Many allergies can be treated at the same time, and it can last from a few days to a few years.


Cynthia says, “…lactose intolerant no more!”

Alfredo finds instant relief from 15 different allergies

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This article originally appeared in the January 2011 issue of Austin All Natural magazine –

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