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Acid Reflux Relief for South Austin, Oak Hill and Dripping Springs

Acid reflux is a dangerous condition that has frequently led to an esophageal ulcer and then on to esophageal cancer. The condition is most commonly formed due to
the top of the stomach pushing up into the cardiac sphincter, which is a valve that opens to allow food to pass from the esophagus into the stomach.

After swallowing, the valve, under normal conditions, closes. If it does not close due to its own malfunction or due to the stomach bulging up into it (a hiatal hernia) and preventing it from closing, food or stomach acid can flow back up into the esophagus and burn the tissue causing an ulcer. If that continues the ulcer can be become cancerous due to the chronic inflammation.

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Typical Medical Treatment

The typical medical treatment is to prescribe drugs like Nexium or Previcid that block the production of acid. The goal of stopping the creation of a cancer or ulcer is appropriate but the result is low acid production and that is not good for digesting your food. This eventually can lead to “leaky gut syndrome” due to poor digestion and the resulting putrification of your food which damages the lining of the gut wall allowing undigested proteins to seep through into the blood stream. Not a good thing. An expensive and stressful way of correcting the hiatal hernia is in the hospital with an operation. The abdominal wall is opened up surgically and the stomach is manually pulled down out of the cardiac sphincter.

The Alternative to Drugs and Surgery

A simpler and less invasive method, taught to health professionals through The Total Body Modification seminars, is to simply pull the stomach down while the patient is lying on their back on the chiropractic table, It takes about 30 seconds and often needs to be done only a few times. I teach an exercise the patient can do at home to help it stay down. If the cardiac sphincter is malfunctioning it will show up on the muscle test. It too, is easy to correct.

A few years ago I had this condition myself. My chiropractor could not get it to correct so I did it on myself and have not had to do it again since then. It is a shame that so many people are on acid blockers when this is so easy to correct. It is also easy to do on children and babies.

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