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Dear Patients,

As some of you know I was gone for a month this summer.  I would not call it a vacation. I was in India at Oneness University undergoing a very rigourous and intense 28 day program called a “Deepening”. The purpose of the course is to gain awakening. If you have read Eckhart Tolle’s explanation of his own awakening you will have an idea of what I am speaking about. If not I will try to explain what it means but of course experiencing it for yourself is the best way to understand it.

The reason many of us have done various methods like yoga or meditation or contemplation is to quiet down the mind. The mind is very helpful in doing our work, navigating traffic, figuring out a budget etc. It does keep us up at night, causes us to worry and gets in the way of us enjoying ourselves. It causes judgements, comparisons, dissatisfaction, conflict, physical disease and ultimately human suffering. What if there was a way to quiet it down even when we are not exercising or meditating or running away from life at the movies or in a bowl of ice cream? Well there is. It is called The Oneness Blessing. It takes about 30 seconds and is transmitted from the blessing givers hands into the head of the recipient. It is an energy transfer that has nothing to do with the blessing giver. He is merely a wire, a conductor of the Divine energy. The result is immediate. It is felt in the recipients body as warmth, happiness, peacefulness etc and sometimes it has a visual component. It is purely experiential. There are no books to read or postures to do. No special foods or diets or teachers to follow. It is not associated with any religion or culture. There is nothing to follow. You can have it as often as you like. There is no fee. Some people like to feel an exchange is appropriate so they can give a donation to the blessing giver of cash, check or avocados. Or you can just leave your wallet home. It is all up to you.

My class will be starting on Wed. evening from 7pm to 8pm  on August 21 at my office 13110 hiway 290 west Austin, tx 78737.  There will be a brief explanation and then we begin. Some people feel so relaxed they want to sit afterwards for 5 or 10 minutes or even an hour. We will do it every Wed. nite thereafter. Please rsvp by phone or email. Feel free to bring a friend or a spouse. This is not just for patients but rather anyone who wants more joy in their life and better health. When we are more relaxed, and not always in fight or flight mode, our bodies can repair themselves more rapidly and more successfully.

See y’all next Wed. evening, Aug 21 at 7pm.


Dr Steven Klayman



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